I’ve struggled with depression for about 8 years and have tried many different types of therapies and anti depressants. The key to overcoming your depression is to find a good balance between healthy things that you enjoy and that are good for you.

I’ve seen first hand what happens when family members try to commit suicide and how much of an eye opener it is. They were saved by their own choices to speak up and tell someone about what they had done and what they were feeling. Depression can hind in some people for a long time without people noticing so it’s always good to check up on people you care about or worried about. After spending time in rehab they are doing better and have learned to cope with their sickness. Suicide attempts are something serious that changes a person even if it’s not their battle to fight. Learning more about this disease will also be able to help you if you ever feel like you are going down a bad path.

I remember exactly how I felt when I was at my worse and I remember I felt absolutely nothing. No emotions at all. No happy or sad no contentment no excitement. One of the first things you start to feel might very well be nothing at all. No one knew how I was feeling only because I chose not to tell anyone. I didn’t want them to feel burdened by something they could not control. I looked perfectly fine, still going to school, and working but overwhelmed with anxiety. Some days it literally hurt to get out of bed and if I got up and dressed that was a big success for me. I knew I was depressed when my favorite things didn’t feel the same anymore. Seeing my little sister no longer left like the greatest feeling in the world it felt like nothing. I also lost all my appetite. I had no energy to eat which of course left me with even less energy. After seeking treatment at a rehab facility for a few weeks I came out of there knowing exactly how I could help myself. It was hard and I felt embarrassed asking for help but after I did I felt like a normal person.

It might have to get a lot worse before it gets better, but you will get better if you ask for help. You have to get all the bad stuff out before you can get to the good stuff, but it will absolutely get better in time. You have to love yourself so that you can love other people the same way. I think one of the main reasons why people don’t talk too much about depression is that people have a hard time understanding depression. It comes in many different ways and has no prejudices. “Depression is a flaw in chemistry not character“. I think it’s important to remember the depression just like diabetes and addiction is a medical condition. The more people start to look at depression something they have no control over the more people will start to fully understand it. But just like how you can take medication to help with diabetes sometimes one of the ways people treat depression is like taking medication.

My sister has been one of my biggest supports. Hearing comforting words from someone who’s been through so much is the most help and beautiful thing in the world to me. So find someone in your life who you can trust and feel comfortable with to help you get through whatever you need help with! Maybe they go for a walk with you or to a therapy session but it will be a billion times less painful with a friend close by! Never be afraid to ask for help never be ashamed of what makes you, you! Always keep the good vibes coming.

Brenda Harbison


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